Leaving TCS Onsite - Skill Letter for Green Card

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TCS has now stopped asking for the 5 lakh bond money that they used to charge on resigning onsite, especially in the USA. How many days of notice period are required in the USA? The notice period of 15 days is considered good enough to leave while you are in the USA.15 days are good…

I heard even if you give 2 weeks notice and account managers are pushing for 1 month notice then they are putting into Absconding case?

This is rubbish. Don’t believe in rumors. Legally, they can’t stop you even for a single day.
You can resign in the morning and leave by evening in USA or India or any other country.

The only thing is that you have to pay the cash for the notice time that you have not served and that too only the Basic salary.

There is nothing like they will declare you absconding. TCS is a multinational company and not a road side vendor. They have processes and rules that they follow.

Please do not believe in non-sense rumors.

Roughly how much is the amount we will have to pay( with respect to notice, leave and all)

The notice period is 90 days. Shortfall = 90 – number of days of your notice.
They will multiply this number by your daily Indian basic salary component.

For example, if you basic salary was 30k per month and you shortfall comes out to be 45 days (meaning yous served 15 days notice in USA), you will have to pay 1000*75 = 75k.

Your balance leaves would also be paid out with same basic salary calculation. So, if you had 20 balance leaves, TCS would pay you 20*1000 = 20k.

So, the net amount you would have to pay is 75k – 20k = 55k.
Off-course, this is just an example. It all depends on your basic pay at the time of resigning.

Have they not shared the F&F statement with you? They normally send it out within a month from your last day.

Thank you Anil! for sharing your experience here and patiently guiding others.
I got the skill letter finally today, your blog was helpful.

Here is my story.
When I quit TCS I gave 15 days notice, gave good KT and left with positive note.
Settled the dues with ffs team. After 6 months when my new employer initiated my GC process I contacted corporateffs, they provided me template. I updated with my actual work and skills and got it reviewed by my attorney and contacted my supervisor. My Engagement manager approved and after 5 days I got my skill letter. Overall it took me 28 days to have the letter in my email. It takes time but worth trying.

Thank you.

Hi Anil, Your inputs have really helped me a lot so a big thank you for taking the time to share and keep the information updated.

I have one challenge though - the reason they are mentioning they will note is ‘Stopped Attending’ though I had resigned while at onsite and given a couple of days of notice. This was way back in time when Ultimatix was just getting started and we even didn’t have access to TCS email id while at customer site. So resignation email was from a personal id and I finally left the day I said would be my last day. I guess ‘Stopped Attending’ would not be a very favourable remark in the service letter. Any experience in that regard or anything you may have heard.

Hi Anil,

Thank You for all the details. I have a couple of questions.

  1. If I haven’t traveled to India for the last 3 years, what would be my “A – Claim (Total Earnings – Total Recoveries)”

  2. What type of leaves are compensated as part of the notice period shortfall?
    For example, if my Basic Pay is 25K and I have the following leave balances, what is considered and what is not:

US Leave Balance
Vacation Days 20
Sick Leave 5

India Leave Balance:
Earned Leave 40
Sick Leave 8
Flexi Holiday 2

In the above case, what would be my “B – Notice Pay Recovery”.

Looking forward to your answer. Thanks in advance.

Stay Safe.

As far as I know, no leaves are allowed in notice period.

@anil_am22 : Hello Anil - is it good idea to obtain this letter immediately after resignation or should we wait till our new employer will initiate GC process, which is after 1 year.

@anil_am22 . Is it true that interest earned on PF attracts tax deductions once we move out of TCS in Onshore ( worked 5 yrs at onshore and 5 years @ offshore)?

Asking this because TCS settlement team sent an email to withdraw the PF amount else it would have tax deductions u/s 194 A.

I thought this is interest free.