Life Scientist 234511 chance of Invite

Hi Anil,

I had 75 points for 189 and 80 points for 190 (Victoria) when I initially filed my EOI on 12/03/2019 for 234511. After getting 8 in IELTS I have recently updated my EOI on 02/08/2019. Now my points for 189 is 85 and for 190 is 90. I’m single and currently on student visa in Melbourne and I look forward to applying on-shore. Since the number of invitations have reduced drastically, when can I expect to getting invited?


Hi @joannaChriz

You have very good chance of invite in August 2019 draw with 85 points for Life Scientist code 234511.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Much appreciated!

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Hi Anil,

I was eagerly anticipating the invitation for 189 in August round; however, I didn’t receive one. What could have been the possible reason/s for not getting the invitation.

My points breakdown for 189 is as follows:

Total Points-85

DOE- 02/08/2019



Specialist study-5

Australian study-5

Australian work ex-5


I did my PhD in Neuro-biochemistry from University in Melbourne. Received positive skill assessment from VETASSESS for 1 year work experience.

DoHA has invited people with 80 points in July, not sure how many invitations were sent in August and their respective cut off date and points. In my opinion one possibility could be the date of effect. In that case, how important is the DOE over points?



Hi @joannaChriz

Date of effect defined your place in queue with other people with same points as you.

People who have earlier date of effect with same points will get invite first.
If Australia immigration decides to give 100 invites for your ANZSCO code, then top 100 with oldest date of effect will be selected.

I think you did not get invite in August 2019 due to recent date of effect. You should be able to get invite in Sep 2019 draw.