Long processing times for I-765/I-485 and I-140 with texas service center

Hello Friends,
Not sure if anyone of you went through the same experience as mine, but it’s pretty frustrating , with absolutely no accountability from USCIS.

My I-140 ( EB-2 to EB-3 downgrade) along with I-765 and I-485 were filed on 10/29/2020 with Texas service center . Both I-140 and I-765 are outside processing timelines in the last few weeks . I have raised multiple service requests regarding this in the past, but the response I get is " under active examination " with no further details. Even to acknowledge a SR and give a standard response USCIS takes 3-4 weeks which is absolutely disappointing and peak of inefficiency.

I know , many people who filed in Oct around the same timeframe and in fact later also got their EAD/GC . My PD is April 2012 and till now, no word on any of these from USCIS. So frustrating with the way they operate with “not answerable to anyone” attitude.

My biometrics for I-765 was sent from ASC to USICIS on 01/27/2021. My I-485 biometrics got completed on 08/11/2021.

Can some one please advise, what should I do now as I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Also, when should I expect my EAD to be approved for the above PD .

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As a follow up to my original thread , I have few more questions. Appreciate if someone could throw light.

  1. If I bump my I-140 to premium now, will it make a difference in my I-485 processing ( meaning is I-485 processing depends on I-140 approval). I hope not, but need some advise here .

  2. What if my I-485 is in pending status and the date retrogress . What effect will it have on my I-485 and GC .

3.Is the order of EAD or I-485 processing depends on the PD. The reason I am asking it because , folks who applied on the same date (10/29/2020) with the same service center ( Texas) have gotten their EAD and some even GC. What is the criteria for the case to be processed when so many people have filed on the same date.

PP and approval of I140 should help with processing of all other applications faster. I think the hold up is due to I140 being processed under normal timeline. Texas is notoriously slow in processing the downgrades and one of the reason being they received all downgrade applications increasing their workload.

It will not be picked for processing if date retrogress and your status will be pending AOS. You may want to maintain your non-immigrant status till you receive your GC, to be on safe side.

My understanding is that USCIS process AOS and related EAD/AP based on the PD however there can be exceptions. For two of my colleagues, one whose PD was June 2012 got his GC last week while the other whose PD is October 2011 haven’t received medical RFE yet. Both had EB2 to EB3 downgrade and I1485 concurrent filing October last year.


Do you know when their i485 receipt and i140 approval dates?

That may tell us some kind sequence that they follow.

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Good for your other friend who got his GC . Did they file in texas service center ?. I infact submitted all the medicals along with the concurrent filing.

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The I-485 RD is 10/29/2020 and ND is 01/25/21. I-140 ( EB2-EB3) downgrade hasn’t been approved yet and it’s already outside normal processing times (Note: Downgrade was also filed on 10/29/2020). I have raised a SR , but no reply until now

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Does that mean if my I-140 gets approved, the chances of I-485 getting picked up and processed in more . Please clarify.

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Nobody knows for sure. @Kalpesh_Dalwadi has just shared one case that he knows about.

Only god knows what sequence or pattern they use to approve applications.

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Yes, I think all downgrades go to Texas.

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Hi @anil_am22 , for the one whose PD is Oct 2011, he had RFE in his I-140 downgrade and so probably that caused the delay. His I-140 was approved on 05/19/2021. Note that my company does all applications in premium processing. The other guy whose PD was June 2012 and got the GC last week , his I-140 downgrade was approved in Feb’2021. Both filed concurrently late Oct last year.

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Thanks @anil_am22 and @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for the insights. With my above given situation, do you recommend going for I-140 PP now. Will this benefit my I-485 processing , or should I wait , since it’s already outside normal processing time and will get processed anytime ( Catch is, there is no guarantee when will they process my I-140).

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I am assuming this is Texas service center since all concurrent downgrade applications are filed in Texas.


If I were you, I would do PP asap.

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Makes sense. Thanks so much

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Any idea on when the retrogress will start happening going by the current trend.

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@Kalpesh_Dalwadi @anil_am22 . Any idea when the retrogress will start going by the current trend.

Per Charlie, there may not be a retrogress for the current FAD chart however the forward movement may be slower in 2022.

Thanks . At least , that’s a breather.

Hello, I am also in the same boat. The applications for I485, I765 and I131 were received by USCIS Texas center on Oct 28, 2020. Biometrics for I765 received from ASC on Jan 15, 2021 and I485 biometrics done on 15 Sep 2021. PD is Sep 2014.
I have raised multiple service requests and the only response I have received is we need time for additional review. Tried to go through the local congressman but no luck from that side either.
I need to be traveling internationally but because I131 is pending,I am unable to do so. Not sure what else can be done to get an update on I765 and I131, both are way outside of the normal processing times. Can anyone help if they have tried any other ways to expedite or get a response?

They are sending the same reason of ‘additional review’ to everyone and the processing time on the website is unreliable. They are just moving the time ahead but the real-time is way longer.

As far as I know, there are thousands of people who filed in Oct 2020 and are still waiting. Nothing is happening and no trick is working.