Losing job in H1B, options for primary and dependents

I am on H1B with an approved I140. My wife is in H4 with EAD and a kid with US citizenship. We had our stamping till Apr 2021. I am potentially losing my job in a few weeks. When I lose my job I am exploring the following options

  1. Sending my kid and wife to India while I search for a new job.
    a. After I get the job, can my wife go for stamping after she gets the H4 approved with my new job?
    b. Can she go for stamping/dropbox only after H4 approval or just receipt?
    c. Is she eligible for Dropbox? (she is currently eligible for Dropbox) potentially around Jan/Feb 2024?
    d. Given the H4 approval can take time if there is a possibility to go for Dropbox immediately (potentially a week my job loss) should we do that? Or its not helpful since she still has to wait for new H4 approval to enter?

  2. After 60 days grace period,
    a. I am aiming to find a job within 60 days but in case I cannot, can I travel to India and interview? Converting to H4, B2 or other options doesn’t work for me.
    b. What are the risks of traveling back to India and searching for a job?
    c. Will I be eligible for dropbox?
    d. Can my new employer apply for a new H1B when I am in India? Do they need to know I am in India?

Please advise in general. Thanks for the help.

Once the H1B petition is approved, H4 can directly apply for an H4 visa stamp in India (with the US embassy).

H1B transfer can be filed from India as well. It is called an H1B petition. Once it is approved, you will need to apply for an H1B visa stamp (with the US embassy).

Thanks for your prompt response. A follow-up question,

We are not eligible for dropbox because while the application is pending with USCIS we are not in the country?