Lost H1B i797 Approval Notice Original Copy

hi @anil_am22,
Have a good day, I have a question regarding H1
I have lost my original copy of my First H1B approval notice and have second/extension approval notice only. Do I need the original copy of my first time approval copy in future for any of the application purpose. If want to get an original copy H1B i797A from USCIS,

Can you tell me the process for it & how much time approximately it will take to get it ?

Never needed original of old H-1B I-797 till now (I-485 filing recently done). or for subsequent H-1 renewals (5 so far). Not sure if its needed at a later stages in I-485 (FP, Interview) but dont think they would check an older I-797. If you have good copy you can relax.

PS: Lost an original I-797 for current H1B visa in 2008 once while in India. Traveled to US without original. Get a police report if you can. Keep it as backup. Company ordered a new one at that time. Took 2 months.

Your Employer will need to request a duplicate copy using form i824.

Its will cost quite a good amount as its not free.