Lost indian passport application- Address query

Hello all,
I am on a tourist visa and lost my passport. I am in process of submitting the application.
Does anyone know where do I need to mention or provide proof of US address for return label address?
It mentions in checklist that return address should match the one in application form but I have my Indian address printed on my passport.
Urgent Help appreciated.

Even if you have mentioned Indian address as printable and other address, you will need to submit one address proof of US (list of docs mentioned in the Checklist). That address should be same as return/courier address.

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Thank you but while on a tourist visa what proof would be acceptable if I am staying at a hotel?
It says cannot provide someone else’s address.

On the VFS Global website; the mentioned on the Document checklist that, “In case of applicant residing in a hotel or temporary lodging for a short period of time and does not have a --permanent address proof, then can submit copy of notarized hotel bills as proof of residence”. So, you can use your hotel address. But keep in mind that for a lost passport or when you’re on B1/B2 visa, you can’t apply in tatkal service.