Lost passport with H-1B visa

My passport with valid H-1B visa, along with my wife’s with H4 visa, were lost in the US. I lodged the police reports & started the process to get new passports with the Indian consulate.

What steps do I need to take to get the H1B / H4 re-stamped once I have the new passport in hand. The last stamping was done in Mexico as a 3rd country national.

Also whom do I inform about the loss - embassy which issued the visas, DHS etc?


Passport with US visa stolen - report local Police. Report US embassy by email with copy of passport and visa. New Visa required for re-entry. Old Visa Cancelled. Passport with US Visa Stamp Stolen (How to Enter USA?) - USA

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  1. Do we need to submit I-102 for re-issuance of I-94? Or can we get the new I94 automatically upon entering US after getting new visa stickers in India?
  2. Any other steps to be aware of?