Management consultant 224711 Chance of invite 190 VISA

Hi Anil,
Reading through the forum I can see that 65-70 has a low chance of getting an invite for a 190 PR. However I’ve been informed that with 70 points (65 plus 5 for state nomination) that the following job description (Management consultant 224711) has a good chance in NSW. In your experience does this sound correct?


Matt Quigley

State invites are difficult to estimate as they are based on state’s demand.

They do not share any invitation data publicly.

You may or may not get an invite soon.

Thanks Anil,

Noticed the extra 5 points available for my spouse. They own their own company (30% shareholder, 30 plus employees, Managing director code 111111. They are 40 years of age with a U.K. passport and competent English so I’m hoping code 111111 qualifies under the similar profession title ?

If so the final question is:

Spouse is selling their company in anticipation of the move to Australia. Do they have to be a managing director at the point of EOI or remain managing director right up to the point of getting the VISA ?

Partner is currently negotiating the sale of the shares in the company.


The spouse points criteria is to have the spouse job code in same occupation list and not necessarily same profession.

The spouse work assessment is required and it can be till the date of filing the assessment.

This means that it is okay even if she is not in the same position as she claimed on the date of filing EOI.

Thank you Anil,

Final question:

….“The spouse work assessment is required and it can be till the date of filing the assessment”……

What is involved with a spouse’s assessment ? Is it a points system like the main applicant or just a simple case of proving my partners position of company owner/director

The first 2 spouse requirements of under 45, UK passport or Competent English are formalities. The issue would be the work assessment. If it’s simply proving 10 years
of being a managing director/company owner then that is also a formality. If however it’s a case of also achieving 65 points then this is a problem as they have no degree.

You only need to get your spouse education and work experience assessed in addition to age and English language criteria.

I have filed EOI in Accountant Category with 80 points under 189 and 85 points under 190.

What are the chances of invite under either of the sub class

Hello Anil,
Any chances to get invite for Management Consultant (224711) with 70 points under 189?

Hi @Adrian_Morera

Chances are low for an invite with 70 points.

Hello Anil,

I will have 90/95 points for 189/190 visa accordingly under General Accountant at the end of this month. My EOI will expire in Dec 2020. Do i have chance to get invitation before my EOI expires…?? How many months should i wait…? Please advise.

Sorry @umeramjad22

I have stopped giving case by case estimates due to lack of time.
Thanks for your understanding.

90 points is a good score though.

Hi ,

Thank you merging my query with the relevant group.While I have found my answer to the query pertaining to section 189, request your inputs on section 190 as mentioned below

Given that management Consultant in counted under both 189 and 190 ,but my spouse’s occupation(marketing specialist) is listed in 190,please find below my score as a primary applicant under 190
Score for 190-80(got 5 points here for spouse skills since both occupations feature in 190 +5 points from the state)

  1. What are the chances of an invite under 190, while I understand that the state nominates basis skill requirement ,are the applications in same Anzsco code prioritised for state nomination basis the overall points ,similar to how there are cut-offs in 189?

Thank you

Hi what is the chance for 224711 - Management consultant for visa 190 NSE with 85+5 pts.

Hi @Do_Ngan and @ss08

I don’t have any estimate for 190 invites as states do not share any data.

The selection process for states is pretty much same as 189. There is no official information on how they prioritise the applications over others.

Hello @Anil.Gupta
Any chances to get invite for Management Consultant (224711) with 75 points under 189?

If low,then does it mean longer wait for the call or it may not happen at all.

Hi @ss08

Chances are low for an invite with 75 points at this time. I don’t know if the points requirement will come down to 75 in near future.

Hi there, just wondering how you’d going with 224711? I’m 90 points 189, but my 485 is expiring soon. Thanks!