MCT uscis case numbers. What is the deal with them?

Does anyone have a case number starting with MCT ? if so, what is the deal with them ? They are not showing any case status for those case numbers. How to get a case status for those cases ?

MCT is used for form I-539 EOS/COS applications. You should see the service center processing your application at the bottom left corner. Try replacing the MCT with the service center specifically 3 digit code and check the case status.

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I tried the solution suggested here, but it still says invalid case number. :frowning: Any other suggestions ?

You can call USCIS and the ask them to provide status. The hard part is to get to talk to an agent.

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For anyone who is looking into this thread, we were able to talk to an agent but they are saying that the application is received and pending. And there is nothing they can do about the online portal issue with invalid case number.

Typical USCIS answer that they can’t do anything :slight_smile: