Medical I693 Interfiling Query and Help

Hello, I have a query, my original green card category was EB2, then had filed downgrade as new application for EB3 and had got I140approved under EB3 as well, now as EB2 dates moved faster I had got interfiling done and still waiting for I485J receipt. Now I had agreed with attorney to get the interfiling done as soon as possible without waiting on medicals to be completed, however this week I got my medicals as well done, is it possible to do another interfile for I693 or shall I wait on receipt number of I485J to mention on this new interfile request for medicals? Also attorney suggest to wait for RFE and is not suggesting to do another interfiling for medicals so I am planning to do it myself as I read on another article on this website? So have question that is it still possible to interfile while another interfiling is already done for EB3 to EB2 upgrade? Also I am still waiting on I485J receipt so should I wait as that might be required for medical interfiling? and last question is that on medical interfile application do which I 485 receipt number will I need to mention? The original which was filed when EB2 to EB3 downgrade application was submitted or newer I485J once I get it?

Thanks in advance.

any suggestions on this?

I suggest going with the attorney’s advice.