Mexico Trip H4, Valid i94, Over 21

Daughter is going to Mexico in two weeks for spring break, not sure if she needs Mexico visa. Is over 21 but has applied for AOS and has AP approved with unexpired passport and i-94 expiration (and original H4 expiration) of Jan 2023. Would there be issues if she shows this visa to Mexico to enter and upon return uses AP to come back to US? Thinking should not be a problem ideally given visa shows unexpired to Mexican border folks but wondering if it will cause problems coming back to US. Feedback appreciated.

I do not see an issue in entering Mexico using a valid US visa stamp in the passport.
Returning to the US should also be fine by either using the valid H4 visa or the AP.

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Hi Anil, thanks for the prompt response. I believe the issue Iā€™m trying to understand is would her age (21, meaning H4 expiration) cause any issues going into Mexico? She is planning on using AP to get back to the US since the H4 may be considered expired. This is what is concerning me with her plans.

Hi @abcdefghijklmnopq

Yes, if she has turned 21 or will be turning 21 before she returns to the US, then, yes, she will not be able to use H4 visa.

AP can be used if she has got CSPA age locked. If not, then, I am afraid, she will need some other type of visa to return to the US.

Yes, she has age locked due to FAD being around 8 months before she became 21. My only concern is going to Mexico using H4 - do you think they will simply see the H4 Visa and allow her in given that it expires on paper in 2023? Or will she face a hassle going to mexico or on the way back?