Minor passport Renew- VFS didn't print middle name in application confirmation. Pls help

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Hello all,

I filled the online form (both passport application site and VFS website) for passport renewal for my minor daughter.
So everywhere I used name lets say ABCD (not using actual name cos I don’t want to let everyone know what it is. Please no trolling :pray:) so in VFS website. There was option as first name, middle name and surname. So I used first name as AB, middle name as C and surname as D…

Now my query is… the application confirmation I received from VFS shows as ABD… and not ABCD…
Also they have mentioned over there that “Please ensure data on the online form, VFS appointment confirmation matches with the data on your passport. Mistakes may lead to the rejection of your application”

So will I face any issue because the middle name is not showing on the Application confirmation page. Since I have already paid. I won’t be able to edit now.

Please help urgently.

Thank you In advance.

In the ‘add customer’ section on VFS, did you fill AB,C,D (see screenshot below)? If yes, then reach out to VFS and let them know.

Generally, in Passport ABC (first + middle) would be together and D separately. So, it’s advisable to put ABC together everywhere where one needs to fill in complete name; as at many places and institutions, middle name gets dropped or only Initial is captured.

Hi Pankaj,

Thank you for responding.
Yes I had filled like you mentioned. So should I go ahead and send my documents and then send email? I have sent an email asking them the same question but being a Saturday, I know I won’t get reply. So thought of asking in forum if anyone has gone through this. I normally add all the name in first name itself. I’m so mad at myself for this.

@Verena_Liju You are very welcome! It happens sometimes. :slight_smile:

If you are not in hurry, I would suggest to give it a couple of days and wait to see what they reply. If they say it’s okie, you can go ahead and send. Or, if they ask you to make edits, it might save you some time, effort and money on shipping.

Thanks Pankaj once again. I will do this.
Have a nice day.

Hi Pankaj,

I have one more query and need your assistance.
My husband’s name is Simon Liju Chacko (SLC)
But in my daughter’s old passport it is Liju Chacko Simon (LCS). (Her dad inputted in her birth certificate as LCS and hence passport office had used LCS in her old passport. In the new passport which I’m applying I want to change it SLC…
My husband’s passport and all document has his name as SLC…

So now my question is do we need to do Norary for name change of her dad or just provide his documents proving his correct
The instructions on government website is not very clear and I’m confused.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Have a nice day :blush:

Hi Verena,
Did you get a response from VFS? I am also in the same boat. I did put my first name, middle name and last name and in the application it only shows first and last name. Is this an issue?

If the name doesn’t match to what you have mentioned in your application, reach out to VFS as well as embassy/consulate.

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Hi Pankaj,
Thanks for the reply. The names match in the VFS application and my Passport application but the VFS confirmation document only shows the first name and last name. So do you know what was other people’s experience?

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I’m in similar situation. I’m applying for renunciation of Indian citizenship. VFS confirmation letter, FedEx label, and Renunciation certificate that were generated after payment do not have my middle name but the govt application has the full name including middle name. Can you please let me know what reply you got from VFS and how did you proceed?

Hi Robin,
Sorry for so late response. I just seen your email today. I just took risk and sent it. I got the passport within a week.
Timeline attached below incase someone needs in future.

Did your courier label have the middle name ?
I just realized that the vfs form displayed incorrect dob format and when I corrected it and hit resubmit, the middle name went missing. So technically even if I typed the middle name, there is a possibility that my middle name was not submitted, as the middle name was not a required field.
My curious to know if your courier labels had middle names ?

Do you have An update ? My courier label has missing middle name too

The courier label doesn’t have my middle name. I contacted VFS via email and they said to resubmit the application as my VFS Application, courier label and generated renunciation certificate donot have my middle name. I requested refund for this application and submitted new application.

Hi Anita, middle name was not generated even though i had filled it. I couriered it and took risk. I didnt face any issues. Passport came within 5 days.