Mirror Immi account to check status when agent is handling everything

Hi @Anil.Gupta

Read somewhere in the forums that one can create a mirror Immi account to check for Visa application status specially if your agent has lodged the application and you don’t have the login credentials. So just wanted to confirm when we create another immi account, and import the application via trn number, is the agent notified of it by any chance?
Any ideas?
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I am not sure if a mirror account can be created. Never tried one.

Ohh I see. Someone suggested to create another Immi account with own email ID and once you logon, you can import your application using the Transaction Reference Number provided in the Visa application after payment and there you can see the status and also what all docs your agent has uploaded. But not sure, whether the agent will be notified of that one or not.

That’s good to know. I never thought about it as i never used any agent.

Thanks for sharing. It is okay even if agent gets an email. Is there any issue with it?

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Well, there is no issue with that. It’s just that if the agent gets notified, he will/may feel like that he is not being trusted which is not true at all. I just want to be updated with my application rather than bothering my agent again and again regarding the status since he got other clients too. Thought you might be knowing something so asked you. Anyway, it’s no big deal. Will just patiently wait for the grant now :slight_smile:

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Your agent will not know about your mirror account. He will get notified only if you update anything to your account.
If you have used an agent it is good to create a mirror account so that you also can know what all he has uploaded & view the messages.
To create a mirror account only the reference number, passport number & date of birth is required.

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Thank you Santo for clearing my doubt. Really appreciated. :slight_smile:

My agent lodged and has reference number but I don’t know it to create a mirror immi account.
how can I get the reference number?
Is it possible to get it via filling “VEVO Request for Reference Number Form”?

Ask your agent for acknowledgment of visa application lodgement. It has Transaction reference number via which you can import your visa app in new immi account.

No Idea!


My agent just sent me a Tax Invoice which includes total Due price and my name , invoice number and etc.
Is it possible with it to have TRN?

Thank you.

Not sure if tax invoice will have TRN. Acknowledgement correspondence is different and has all the necessary details of the applicant and further instructions as well. Ask that from your agent.

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I heard that after filling the VEVO request for reference number the computer automatically send me my reference number if my information is correct but I could not get my reference number yet. do you know how can get it?

No idea about VEVO request for reference number.

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