Missed biometric appointment for B1/B2 visa

My father’s B1/B2 visa expired in February 2021 and we applied for extension until August 2021 in Decemeber 2020. We never received mail or email regarding the extension from USCIS and my father left USA at the end of August. We forgot the check USCIS account in June/July, when we checked uscis account today we noticed that Biometric appointment was scheduled for July 23. We missed biometric appointment and my father already left USA. What shall we do next, will it affect his future entry to USA? Really worried about it.

USCIS will deny the extension as biometric appointmen was missed.

I dont think there will be any issue in future.

We haven’t received any notification about denial yet. Should we withdraw the extension before they deny our extension since my father already left USA? Also should I contact USCiS as I never received letter for Biometric appointment which caused us to miss appointment( since my father have to renew his B1b2 as it expired recently). Just wanted to make sure that his stay will not counted as illegal after i95 expired.Thank you so much for your reply.

You can open a case with Emma the chatbot for USCIS, talk to a live agent and see what they suggest re: sending a letter explaining why the appointment was missed and that your dad has already left the US.

It wont be as his extension application was pending and the unlawful stay only starts after the denial of the extension.