Missed biometric appointment for B2 extension

I applied extension for my mom on May15 th but we did not receive any postal mail or email for biometric but when I logged in via portal looks like we missed the appointment. What are my next steps?
I tried to contact uscis but not connecting to a representative to answer me. Also I did not find the email id where I should mention this as a concern to them . can you please help me

Hi… Im also in similar situation… applied online and waited for hard copy… finally realized it is present in portal and missed my biometric appointment for my inlaws… b1b2. Could you plz tell what happend in your case?

Hi, did you receive any new appointment notice ? I’m also in same situation, applied online and waited for hard copy. When I called the number on the notice it says they will reschedule automatically and nothing else. Please let me know if you guys received any update or what have you done.

Hello, i am also in exactly same situation. Did any of you receive rescheduled appointment? Are you parents still here?

I’m in similar situation for my mother. Never got postal mail and when I looked in portal, appointment date has already passed. Trying to figure out what to do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

@sunnyvardhan Can you please share update for your case. My mother is in same situation as we found out about missed biometrics appointment in portal(never got notice in postal mail)

@nidhi_kathuria I’m in same situation for my mother. Can you please share update what you ended up doing. Thanks