Missed H4 biometric appointment - will it delay processing

H1+H4+H4 EAD are applied together in PP.

H1 approved on june 5th and attorney missed ASC mail to share with us on-time.

When we walked with expired ASC appointment, they had reschedule as it past appointment date.
now we are in waiting to get reschedule appointment in mail.

We are seeing H4 EADs applied in PP are getting approved within 6 to 8 weeks they are getting faster approval than regular/standalone H4 EAD filing, will mine still consider in expertise…just worried about it.

Any way I can get details of reschedule ASC details schedule or not?

Missing the H4 biometric Appointment will centainly add the delay as you need to get a new appointment.

You will receive the appointment mail if you entered your own mailing address on H4 i539 form.