Missed to send Original affidavit for change in appearance & signature doc

Hello Everyone,

When i applied for renewing the Indian passport for my wife, I missed to send the document - ORIGINAL AFFIDAVIT FOR CHANGE IN APPEARANCE & SIGNATURE. I got en email from VFS to send this document. But what i understood that we need the original passport to get this document notarized, which i don’t have as we already sent the passport to VFS.

Any idea what would be the solution for this. Really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance,

Notarization is done only to verify your signature and not what you write in it.

So, you should be able to get it notarized with any other government issued ID proof.

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i am having trouble with VFS accepting the notary. I sent in the form with the attached jurat attached . Notary will not sign the document. please advice