Mistakenly added last name for parents Name in Passport renewals Application

Hello, I also have same issue. I have filled the online application form in Indian Gov site and sent the documents to VFS for processing. In the application, i have mistakenly added last name to my Parents name, but in my old Passport, it has just the first names of my parents. Now i received email from VFS stating
“Please provide Parents passport copy (first&last info page) OR provide signed letter to Consulate General of India keep Parent’s name as Per Passport”

Could any one suggest me on below things

  1. is there any specific format for signed letter?
  2. the letter should be self attested OR notarized. It is specified signed but not self attested.
    please let me know your thoughts. I have 20 calendar days to submit the documents to for smooth application processing.

Not need to get it notarized. Just write a letter, sign it and send.

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