Mother Name split in passport


My mother’s name is Manjula N M. While filling out the passport application, her name was expanded to Manjula Nittore Meghanadh. I am currently filling out the passport reissue application, which asks for my mother’s first and last name. I am sure her first name is Manjula, but I am not sure what was mentioned as her last name—whether it is just Meghanadh or Nittore Meghanadh. Do you know any solution for this situation?

Thank you.

Generally first and middle name go together. You can give it a shot that way. If you are sure of the first name then mention two names as Last Name. If both the initials are expanded in your current passport then write it same way. Once you fill the application, there won’t be any first/last name for parents. They will come as a single line. Do not leave the name field blank though.

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