Multiple EOI with different States

Hello Anil,

Can we file Multiple EOI with same points, same job code but for different states?
I submitted for NSW, but I would like to do it for Victoria as well. Please advise!

Thank you so much!

The Skillselect system allows you to create multiple EOIs.

So, you can create separate ones for each state.


Hi @Anil.Gupta,
Please help me with this query.
I have heard we can file multiple EOI, each for 189, 190(for every state) and 491 ( for every state), since the state would pick up application if you have mentioned their name only.
Skillselect website updated in Jul 2020, that select ‘any’ state instead of multiple EOIs.

  1. For same occupation code, if we are submitting multiple EOI with multiple email IDs, do you have any idea if it is tracked or can be questioned by authorities?
  2. In case I select 189, 190, 491 all visas in single EOI and if I get 491 invitation first, since I prefer other two, I wait and don’t lodge application for 491, will I get invitation for other visa subclass in 60 days time frame?