Multiple EOIs under 190 and 491

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Can we select both 190 and 491 and submit them under one EOI for one state? Also, for other states do we need to file separate EOIs with different email addresses? If my skillset is eligible for 6 states, so do I need to submit 6 EOIs with different email addresses for each state?


You can create only 1 EOI and choose all states and all visa types.
There is no need to create multiple EOIs unless you want to do it by your choice.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta. But there are videos and suggestions across communities not to select state as ‘Any’ from the EOI and rather submit separate EOIs. It would be great if you can share some more light on this.

How can i comment on videos that you have seen?

I have not recommended it. I am not aware of any risk or problem with it.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta. How do you see possibility of getting 190 (75 points) or 491 (85 points) invitations for ANZSCO 261314? Also, is it worth reappearing for PTE to enhance the score further?

Hi @ReenaS

The chance of invite is low with 75 points as per current trend. You should increase your points if you want to have a realistic chance of invite in near future.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta. Even with 491? I’m appearing PTE for a perfect score with a possibility to increase score by 10 points. That will increase 190 to 85 and 491 to 95.

Hi @ReenaS

Points requirement changes every month. It is better that you try to maximize your score to have realistic chance of invitation.