Multiple Expression of Interest

Greetings of the day to everyone.

A quick question about filing multiple EOIs, please correct me if my below points are wrong based on my requirements:
My requirement is - I am interested in 189, 190 (for any state) and 491 visa (for only NSW, VIC and QLD)

  1. For this, I am creating one EOI only for NSW, on which I will select 189,190 and 491 checkbox. Do I have to also file ROI for 491 here?

  2. Will create another separate EOI only for VIC, with 190 and 491 selected. But I will fill ROI for 190 initially (coz it doesn’t allow 2 ROIs for both visa at the same time).

  3. same 2nd step for QLD as well. Is ROI required for 491 in QLD too?

  4. Now, for WA,SA,TAS - 3 separate EOIs with only 190 selected

I would really appreciate it to get your guidance on this.

Thanks in advance and be blessed. :pray: