Multiple H4 i539 issue along with h4 ead

Hi, i am in a hot mess. I had applied for my spouse h4 i539 and h4 ead. Even after 3 weeks we did not get any acceptance notice. Her i94 was ending soon so we filed i539 online and got the receipt notification online. Later in the day i called up my bank and cancelled the check which i had mailed to uscic 3 weeks back since i have already filed a new i539 online. After all this i got a text message same day from uscis that my earlier application for i539 was accepted with a receipt number. Check has not been cashed and i had already asked bank to stop check. Now i have two i539 applications , one online which i paid with cc. Other one accepted with check not cashed and i did a stop payment on that check. Any idea what should i do now. Thanks

Update : i was able to cancel the stop payment on check, but uscic has still not cashed in tje check. However i have received the receipt notice for i539 without check being cashed, havtnt received i765 receipt notice, both were filed together.