My application not picked with 90 points on 491 visa

Hi @Anil.Gupta ,
The above picture shows the screenshot of applications picked for 2613 Software and Applications Programmers 85 04/02/2020 1:28pm

which is all applications applied till 4th feb with 85 points were picked on march 13th.
I applied EOI on March 5th with 90 points for (4 states) and my application was not picked.

My question is if the 491 is selective or points based pick. I am not able to understand how my points was not picked.


Your regional state needs to send you sponsorship (pre-invite) first for you to be selected in monthly draw.

Did any state send you pre-invite?

Nope . I was under the impression that only 190 has that pre invite concept. Thanks for this clarification.

So it depends on pre-invite. Is there any possibility of not getting invite, even though an applicant have enough points.

It depends on the state’s own requirements and policies. They invite people who have the highest points and have more jobs or options available in that regional area.