My H1B was put into administrative processing in 2019, what questions should I be expecting now in the interview?

Here is the situation:
I was with an employer from August 2018, and my Visa was approved, the first time, in the following April 2019. I was laid off from the company due to budgetary issues in Oct 2019. I got a new job in Nov 2019 and came to India because they filed for Consular H1B processing. They’d applied for a new H1B again, I went for the Visa interview in Feb 2020 and then they had asked me for additional documents when I mentioned that I was laid off due to budgetary issues, I could have maybe answered the questions in a more clever way. Still, I could feel the interviewer getting to the laid-off part eventually. Anyways I did submit all the documents mentioned in the 221G green slip. Then there was a national lockdown in India, consulates were closed indefinitely. My employer wasn’t too happy about that and they had rescinded my offer. I have been working in India all this while. A few months before, the consulate reached out to me asking if I was still employed by my previous employer, my 221G documentation was approved and I could drop in my passport to get a stamp. I had told them that the offer isn’t valid anymore. I was fortunate to receive an offer from a company in the US and my H1B has been approved, I have my H1B regular appointment in a month and I was wondering what questions I should be expecting. I really don’t want the cycle to repeat again, please help me out people

Get this things clear.
Work Location
End Client
Client letter if possible
Your role in team.

You will be good.

Thank so much for your reply. All of the above are extremely clear and the company I got an offer from is a tier 1 company, am full time employee but the only thing that worries me is, that I went for the interview last time in 2020 and I was sent back for more documentation when I had mentioned that I was laid off when I almost had all the documentation with me already to show and that company was a very well known company as well, but I wasn’t given any time to explain myself.
For that reason, to prepare me better I was wondering what questions they’d be asking and how should I diplomatically answer them

Do not worry. You were true in your earlier interview as well. Just tell them the fact. They will ask about your new employer / new client . Get the employer - employee letter / client letter , that will serve good.