My i-485j is MSC receipt and got on July 22nd

My 485 is still with Nebraska. I filled in oct 2020.

PD : July 2014

Recently interfiled in June 27 along with 693

Receipt for interfile : July 15th ( MSC)

And eb3 i-140 got approved in July 21

Any chance it will get approved?
Will it have to be transferred to NBC from Nebraska to be processed?

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Did you file a new EB2 i485?

How come you got a MSC receipt for interfile?

I am confident that your GC will be approved before 31st Oct.

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I don’t i-485 is LIN. Then my interfile ( I added 693) also has MSC receipt.

No . It’s i-485j. Eb3 to EB2 interfile.

I hope that happens. Soo worried