My INDIAN Passport Renewal is rejected


I would like to seek your suggestion on this one -
Recently, I applied for my INDIAN Passport Renewal through Washington DC location, and I have received an Automated Reply as below -

We have “Received” your Application however we are unable to proceed with the application due to the following reasons:

1. Ineligible/Rejection Reason : We have rejected the application and returning the original Indian passport and supporting documents via courier.

Could you please let me know what is the reason for this rejection. Any suggestions would really help.

Were there any other remarks in the denial letter? Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to say what may have caused that. Wrong jurisdiction/location, wrong Police station (India), wrong entry in the application, etc. sometimes lead to rejection.

I would suggest to reach out to VFS to get the exact reason for denial.

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Sure. They have shared me the reason for denial (I have sent the Normal Passport Application in TATKAL mode).

I re-applied my Passport Renewal in ‘Normal Processing’ (a week ago) and it is in Embassy/Consulate for review. Could you please let me know what is the processing time for Passport Renewal from INDIAN Consulate in Washington DC location.

May be another week or two (subject to Police Verification).

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