My manager is no longer with TCS - How to Get Skill Letter approval?


I need a skill letter for my I 140. My manager is no longer with TCS. I don’t know anyone currently in TCS who can verify my skills. What are the options, in this case, to get the skill letter from TCS. I know they asl you to get the skills approved from you PL/ GL. All of you who have received a skill letter, I would appreciate if you can share your experience and steps you took to obtain the same from TCS.

Thanks in advance.

You should reach out to the corporate team and explain your scenario. There must be someone still there from your old TCS team.
Even the BRM or any other manager can give his/her approval. You just need to contact them.

Don’t worry, it is a simple process, but has to be initiated by corporate HR team.
Reach out to them at
with your employee ID.

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I’m looking to get Tcs skill certificate.

Should get send the approval request to previous manager to his / her Tcs email id or personal email id ?

Please help!

Thank You
Tahemin Afsha

Common sense says that you should send the email at official address. Keep personal matters separate.

I have the same issue that my manager is no longer working in TCS aswell as all of my teammates changed companies too. Corporate exemployee verification sent me an email with the template but I don’t know who is GL/BRM. I have been requesting to provide me som contact info of GL/BRM from the past 10 days but they keep saying I should write to my last supervisor.
Is there a way that I can get the contact info of GL/BRM? Please let me know what should I do.
Appreciate your help.