Name change in Indian passport

Hi, I’m changing my name(removing 2nd part of last name to match with my aadhar and pan card).

Have you ever been known by other names (aliases)?*
**Have you ever changed your name?

For the above questions - should I give my old name ?

Yes, it is better to specify all versions of your name so that there is no conflict.

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Another quick question, I’m changing my name(removing part of last name) and for my mom’s name(adding my mom’s last name) in my passport.
They mentioned I need to 2 supporting documents, I noticed that in my aadhar/pan card its last-name first-name (same for my mom), is it accepted ? would there be any issue if I add my mom’s aadhar card?

my mom’s passport it is correct, but in my birth certificate, her last name has only initial like ( firstname,K)

So If I’m adding my mom’s last name in my passport. Is it okay if the names are reversed in aadhar card?

aadhar card:

lastname firstname