Name change on passport after marriage

My wife is applying for a renewal for her passport from the US (San Fransisco center). Her Given name in old passport before marriage was her first name & middle name (her father’s first name) … In the New passport, her Given name would change such as Given Name would only be her first name (no middle name) & she’s also changing her surname to match mine…is this scenario still requiring any name change affidavit that we need to fill?
If yes, do we need to just provide marriage certificate and this affidavit filled form (notarized & signed) or anything else as supporting documents? Speaking to a family lawyer in India, we were told, we might have to get some Gazetted form as a proof of name change, some witnesses. I also saw they require name change advertisement in 2 newspapers.
Basically, we’re very much confused on the process as they are not very clear on what case requires the affidavit and what does not. For reference, the passport is the first document where we will be changing her name.

As per VFS, no affidavit is needed in your case:

I would only send a copy of self attested marriage certificate (just in case).

If they have changed any requirement in recent past (and info is not updated on their site), they will reach out to you.


Thanks for your response earlier! I have a kind of related follow up question. We are now completing the VFS profile step where we are creating the profile on their website for my wife. In the name information icon (i), they say “As stated in your passport”… we’re confused if we should be using the new name details here for my wife since her name is still not changed yet. Or shall we use the new name details that should be printed in her new passport?

Attached is the image for reference-

As stated in passport should be as per current passport. Once your application is verified and processed, new name will be printed on renewed passport.

Got it, thanks. Is it is also the same thing (use old name - same as current passport) even on the below document?

  1. Affidavit for Change in Appearance and Signature
  2. Annexure “E”

In the affidavit for change in appearance and signature, the starting of the affidavit says “I, ____, Son, Daughter of ____”

So here she will still use her name before marriage since her name is still not changed.
Secondly, since the affidavit is to update her signature …her signature will obviously has to be the signature that she will use after name change (her latest signature)
Is this the correct understanding?
In Annexure E, they also ask “signature of applicant”. Here, is my wife doing the old signature or new signature?

@mHVK21 - Were you able to get the name change done ? Were you required to send the affidavit as well ?