Need Answers on new h1 question approved during india travel!


When to India on cap exempt h1 and my cap h1 (It was in process during my travel) was approved during that period.
I came back to USA on cap exempt (same visa) and still on it its been 25 days.

My Question
How long do I have before I move to the new cap h1 which approved earlier ?

Can someone answer this please ?

Was this applied in the 2022 lottery?

Is it the same employer sponsoring your cap H1B?

You need to provide details, otherwise people dont understand your exact situation and can’t answer your questions.


I’m on cap exempt h1 (2019-2023)

In 2020 I got my Cap h1 from different employer it was approved in Nov 2020 but I went to India in sep 2020 and came back to US in 2022 March 1st.

Came back on Cap exempt h1 and still on it,

so, how long can I wait before joining my lottery (cap) h1 ?