Need to know the eligibility to work when H4 Approval is received after H1-B Approval


Needed your suggestion on below condition :
During our stay in US

  1. Wife was on H4 Visa Status - Filed by company X – Submitted on - 9/24/2020 and Approved till 9/1/2023
  2. H1-B for my wife was filed and got approved - Filed in June 2021 and got it approved on 16th Dec 2021
  3. Meanwhile another H4 was filed for my wife by my new employer (Company Y) - in Aug 2021 and we got it’s approval notice today ( 4th March 2022)

Needed to know following -

  1. Is my Wife eligible to work over her H1-B approved on 16th Dec 2021
  2. What action is needed to be undertaken to revoke the H4 Visa approval received on 4th march 2022?
  3. Is her H1-B or current employment status been impacted by this new H4 Approved Visa?
  4. What should be the immediate action to ensure her working status is maintained ?
  5. Do we need to travel immediately outside US and re-enter US to maintain her eligibility to work on H1-B?
  6. Any other suggestive way to maintain H1-B Status without travelling outside US?

Note - On USICS Website both H1-B : recent H4 are appearing Approved

Has USCIS issued a new i94 with H4 approval?

If yes, then her current status is H4 and she cannot work unless she also has H4 EAD approved.

You will need to file H1B COS to come back to H1B status. You can file it in premium and get result within 15 days.

Thanks @anil_am22
In the H4 Approval Notice - I-94 has not been mentioned explicitly

Information for i-94 has been highlighted in the red box for your quick reference.

Please suggest do we still need to file H1B COS , or there is nothing to be done from our end !!
And if yes, can you please suggest the process of filling H1B COS

You will receive another i797 H4 form with attached i94 (at the bottom of the page).

Only an H1B employer can file H1B COS.

We received only this Notice !!
And nothing else… should we expect some more documents soon in future !!