Need to send a Missing document to VFS

Hi All, I recently submitted for passport renewal via vfs, but I forgot to include the self-sworn-affidavit for change in Indian Address (It is not mentioned in the checklist), they have just told me in the email that they are awaiting the missing document, does anybody know how to send a missing document to VFS SF, pls let me know.

I also got a similar email today from VFS. Do we have to courier it again?

Did you get any response how to send the missing document to VFS?

I also got similar email email today. They need to make the address as mandatory in the checklist.
Because there is no change in address hence I thought it is not needed, but I got this message.

Hi Shreekanta did you find how to send? I am planning to send it to the same address I sent my application along with the proof with the tracking id on it.

Just fedex the document to the same address, along with the email copy from VFS.

Thanks. That’s what I did… they have to remove the if condition in the document checklist. I told them to update.