NEW -A-22080-28494-03/21/2022-APPROVED User Comments PERMTracker

NEW -A-22080-28494-03/21/2022-APPROVED

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Is this perm or PWD ?

A # provided is perm number however can you please confirm if this is approved for PERM as we didnt see any March 1st week yet.

This website always assumes A when you enter number. So, this is not perm.

No way this is PERM. Can someone confirm? Website moderators?

is it PERM filed on 21Mar 2022? Mine was filed on 10 Mar 2022 but no updates yet. Can you please confirm?

I have PERM and it starts with A

my pwd was filled on april 2022. When i can expect approval?

Mine is 15 Mar, no update. So not sure what this is.