New ACS, same experience, do I need to change the content?

Hey Guys,

So my experience(with the current employer) has gone up by 2 yrs since my acs assessment, and now I have to apply for a new and the assessment will expire in Jan.

Few questions here:

  1. Since, my job role, duties, and the company have remained the same, do I need to add new info to the tasks and duties performed or just change the date on the letter and submit it?

  2. ACS has considered the experience from 2 different employers of mine - current and previous one. Since nothing has changed with the previous employer’s information do I need to get a new letter signed and stamped from my previous employer as well or only the current one will do?

You can keep the job duties same. Just add the New work experience and get a letter supporting it.

You van reuse the old letters from old employers.


And do I need to submit salary details - bank statements, and salary slips, again for the old employer?