New I-94 details are not included in the new I-797B(Employer B) after H1B transferred in USA

My current H1B Visa and I-94 were from Employer A and valid upto March2025.

USA Entry in September 2022 with Employer A.

Currently, I am with Employer B (H1B Transfered and valid up to January 2026), and new I-94 details are not included in the new I-797B(Employer B)
Do I need to get the new visa stamping in India, or
Do I need to travel Mexico (Laredo, TX) border for New I-94 valid date details(I-797B@Employer B)?

Did you get the new employer B i797 approval?

Were you physically present in the US when this employer B application got approved? If yes, then you must have got a new i94 too.

Employer B I797B Approved on Feb 2023 with Premium Process in USA and Valid upto January 2026.

But no I-94 details in Employer B I797B Approved Petition.

You are missing something then.
Ask your employer as to how this petition was filed i.e. with extension of status or consular processing.

Without that information, it is not possible to suggest next step.

its consular processing

For I-94 Update,
1.Do I have to travel to India to get a new visa stamp in passport? or
2.Should I cross the US-Mexico Border(Laredo, TX) /planning to go to Cancun by Flight or will be done without it?
Please Suggest me for further on this request.