No Fedex tracking information


For my Tatkal passport renewal, VFS status mentions that “my passport has been dispatched 1 day ago. This is what I received from VFS. " Your document (s) is dispatched using the return label purchased or sent by you.If using VFS courier, please check for email from “” for details.”

I haven’t received any email from Fedex or received anything in mail till now. I am worried that they might lose my passport. Is there a way to get tracking information?

Location: SF consulate. Tatkal Passport Renewal.

If you used VFS courier, you will receive email from FedEx tracking. Else, reach out to VFS to get tracking number. You might get your passport in hand, before they reply.

If you used your own return label, use that tracking number.

Thank you for response. So finally I received an email but I received email from UPS. Any idea why they are sending back via UPS? I purchased their default vfs courier which gave me fedex label while sending them but now they are returning it via UPS. Bit strange.

Same in my case. Used VFS global Courier service. Shipping label to send packet was Fedex. I received the update to keep an eye out for email from However I received an email from UPS with ARN reference number and a tracking ID. It does not make sense at all. Did you receive your passport?
I am a bit worried.

Don’t worry. Same here. I also got UPS label. And got passport next day.