No OFC date for parents B2 Visa(first time)

For past 3 months, i am trying to look for an appointment for my in-laws visa appointment.

So far i have always seen this message:
There are currently no appointments available. Please press the Back button and choose a new OFC appointment Date.

We are expecting(pregnant) so it would be nice to have my in laws around our delivery time.
Did people have luck finding appointment slot?

Please help, thank you in advance.

Try some other embassy within India and you may be able to find an appointment.

Thanks for your response, appreciate it.

By different embassy do you mean changing this?
Or this?

I have tried changing the latter quite a few times, the only closet date which allows for both OFC and consular appointment is in 2024. I have been checking 2 times atleast a day for the date with no luck.

(Though i have reserved 2024 date, and keep on looking for rescheduling. Any tips and tricks apart from luck :frowning: would be much appreciate it!).

@anil_am22 or @Kalpesh_Dalwadi As the wait time for B1/B2 visa is so high can my inlaws apply from embassy’s in neighboring countries? Have you seen people doing this? Is there a process/document or any blog in place to do that?

Wanted some help, thank you!