No paystubs/w2 - stamping and ds 160 question

My Situation: My OPT started in Feb 2015 and I was employed to company ‘A’.I moved to company ‘B’ in Dec 2015 and now working for company ‘C’.I don’t have paystubs/w2 from company ‘A’ but my first i20 shows im employed to company ‘A’ from feb 2015.I moved onto H1b in 2017.I’m planning for my first H1b stamping in feb 2023 and would like to know how this will affect my stamping and visa interview.? as i have never mentioned my employment with company ‘A’ (feb 2015 - dec 2015) on any of my resumes. So what should i mention in my DS 160 employment history details for this time period as i dont have the paystubs/w2 . How will this affect my stamping and interview.

If you volunteered for company A, you may not have paystubs which is absolutely fine. Your SEVIS records will still show you had a valid employment which you should mention in DS-160 if it requires you to mention all past employments.
I dont think there will be any issue with stamping for lack of paystubs.

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