NO policy for client letter and 221g issued

I got a 221g with CLIENT LETTER section checked, VO mentioned that the petition is around a year old( since I didn’t schedule due to pandemic) and he would need something on client letter head mentioning I am required.

Now the issue is my client doesn’t provide client letter as per the policy, neither they share SoW. Just MSA is shared

What are the next possible steps?

Is there a possibility to get the client changed at this point, I supported one client proposal a while back and they are ready to provide me client letter as well.


You should be able to change client as long as it does not require filing H1B amendment.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

so two questions:

  1. what to reply on 221g?
  2. no amendment is needed means , job location and duties/designation remains the same but only client name can change?

What are the chances of getting an approval this way.


Hi @anil_am22
I replied on 221g saying that client letter is not issued by my client , I had an email saying the same from my customer.

Today I got an email telling me to drop my passport with along with email, does that mean it is approved?

I checked the status online and it remains the same as it was the day 221g was issued.


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Usually, the passport request means a positive response.

Thanks a lot @anil_am22 , I submitted the passport last Friday and as per ceac it is issued now.

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