No return fedex tracking number

My VFS status said that my passport has been dispatched 10 days ago. I haven’t received any email from fedex or received anything in mail till now. how many days did it take for everyone to get passport of being dispatched? VFS customer service requests are not being answered.

What does your application tracking page show?

Try reaching out to them on Twitter @VFSGlobalcare and keep your embassy/consulate (E.g @CGISFO for San Francisco) in loop. You can also write an email to both.

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Dear Applicant,

Your document (s) is dispatched using the return label purchased or sent by you.If using VFS courier, please check for email from “” for details.

If you have used your prepaid label then track the status via the website of the concerned service provider.

This was the last update from VFS. i reached out by online form, phone support and twitter. Haven’t heard anything yet back. The person on phone told me to wait 48-72 hours for response as they have to follow up with the local center who will then respond to them and then they pass the message to us. I guess I will wait till tomorrow when I hit the 72 hour mark and then start looping in CGISFO.

My suspicion is that haven’t shipped it yet . I have Fedex delivery manager account that shows all incoming packages addressed to me. It has been accurate 100% so far. So either VFS hasn’t gotten around to shipping it or they made some mistake.