No tax deducted, paid cash while working as Trainee Software Engineer

Hi Anil,


One of my previous company as they said they only can provide salary slips because I got my salary by cash payment …
However, Since I was working as Trainee Software Engineer they haven’t deduct tax and government fees also.
Period -1.3 years

  1. What are the other supporting documents that I can provide…?
  2. I can get a letter mentioning they have paid this much of money from 2012 to 2013… Is it enough…?

Hi @era_fdo_1

Working as trainee does not have any relationship to not deducting taxes. This reason will NOT work.

You have to show the payslips, bank statements, tax deduction documents or provident fund documents or income tax return filings with government.

Just simply writing that company paid that amount on paper is not a proof that they actually paid.

Okay Got It
However, what does mean I had an Insurance card which provided by that company.

Can I provide salary slips + Insurance card in order to meet the payment evidence criteria.?

You can show the insurance card if it was provided by Employer or it was part of group employer insurance.

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Yes It was provided by that company and they have given for all employee.

Providing salary slips + Insurance card (Above one) is enough…?

It should be enough.

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Thank you
Do we need to show breakdown Tax and EPF/ETF deduction of the salary slips.? because they haven’t deduct as I was a trainee software engineer during that period. will it be a problem…?

Hi @era_fdo_1

Salary slip should have all the details. If there was no tax deducted, then it should show that zero tax was required as per salary.

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They have mentioned TAX and EPF/ETF deduction is “0” on the salary slips.? that’s fine right.?

That should be fine.

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One more questions @Anil.Gupta
For Insurance card ,

My Insurance Card is not clear to scan because it was provided in 2012 / 2013 period.

I got a letter from Insurance company, mentioning I had a life insurance cover during that period with the letter head.

Is it enough …? Card is not clear and broken.

Hi @era_fdo_1

The insurance letter should show that your employer paid for it. There must be a way to connect it with your employer to prove that you were indeed employed.

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Hi Anil,

I am going for Re-assessment under different Anzsco code but for 1 employment, I have all documents except payment evidence. Salary slip is given along with an experience letter in which they have mentioned that it was paid in cash. I don’t have ITR because salary was too low to file for ITR.
Please suggest if ACS will consider this employment or not.

Hi @Gaurav

Please read above.

Thanks Anil.
Unfortunately, Neither Organization nor I have insurance docs, Please suggest alternative.

Also, let me know if I can get on letter head from the employer.

Hi @Gaurav

I have given all options here: