NOC code selection 4011 or 4021

I have a work experience in teaching diploma, grad and undergraduate students at a university (8.5 years) , didn’t get masters equivalent in WES , can u guide while choosing NOC code is place of work considered? Or qualification matters? Or is it only about job duties
My job duty also matches which 4021, can I put that as my NOC, as I have taught fashion students and there is a specific title of fashion teacher in 4021, whereas, in 4011 , I am choosing assistant professor only

You have to choose NOC code based on your work experience.

So it means place of work is not of a concern I was working as an assistant professor at a university

But specifically taught fashion students

Your place or work might have hundreds of other departments. It is your own job role and responsibilities that matter.

Not everyone who works in a hospital is a doctor.

better if you could choose , 4011 NOC , which is more relevant in regards to your profile.