Non-migrating members of the family unit - say yes for father, mother?

Hi Anil,

I have a few queries while filling out the form to apply for Australian PR subclass 189. I have applied as an auditor with 85 points and got an invite on 11 Oct 2019.

  1. In the online application form question 10 asks about Non-migrating members of the family unit. I am migrating with my wife. So, will the answer to this question be yes or no? If yes, do I need to fill up details of uncle, aunt and all, or details of parents and siblings sufficient. Further, will they be also required to do a medical examination?
  2. I am submitting form 80 and PCC. Is the Statutory declaration for character still required to be filled up?
  3. I am living in Dubai but have got my documents notarised from India. Will that be an issue?
  4. In Dubai the PCC issued is valid for 3 months and the Indian PCC is valid for 6 months. However, the visa processing time mentioned on the immigration website says 18 - 33 months now. Will I be required to produce another PCC after the expiry of the current one? Can I proactively keep uploading new PCCs whenever the previous one expires? Or is that unnecessary and I wait till the CO contacts me?

Thank you so much for your patience.

Appreciate your help.


Hi @sandeep.ganges

Non migrating family members

My suggestion is to NOT give details of non-migrating family members in your immiaccount. If you fill their details here, system will ask you to get their medical done too.

Give details of non-migrating family members while filling form 80. This will not trigger any medical request.

Statutory Declaration of Character

Declaration is not required unless it is showing as a mandatory document in your immiaccount document list.

Notary from India while living in Dubai

Notary can be done from anywhere as long as it is done by an authorized person. No issues even if you are living in Dubai.

Dubai PCC validity

You can keep updating documents as often as you want. There is no issue.