Not joining the new company after H1B visa transfer


I work through a implementation partner(B) to client(A). Recently I got another opportunity through a vendor(C) for a contract position and did a visa transfer and it got approved. Now client(A) is offering me full-time position. I thought fulltime is better when compared to contractor role. So I am not joining the vendor and decided to stay back with my implementation partner(B) and do the transfer process to client(A)( Transfer process will start in 3 weeks from today as per client)

will it cause any issue during H1B transfer process to client(A) from Implementation partner(B) because of vendor(C) transfer process got approved.??

note: I am paying back H1B transfer fees to vendor company.

You have to be specific about the kind of issue you are expecting.

Otherwise, its an open ended question and there can be 100 different situations and problems.