Notary and black and white

  1. Hi I just submitted my passport for renewal I have only black and white copy of i-797A is this okay?
  2. My I-797A was notarized on a Separate blank page and stapled to it, I wrote at the bottom "please see page two for notary. Is this okay?
  3. I notarized only the first page of multiple page document e.g. drivers license front and back page I stapled the license and notarized the first page is this okay?
  4. I stapled same documents e.g. hotel bills together is stapling okay?
  5. I only sent 2 photos 1 on the affidavit of change in appearance and passport application is this going to be an issue I did not send extra photos.
  6. I did not send extra envelope nor return label I used vsf prepaid option.

You already sent your documents. I would suggest to wait to hear from them, as nothing can be changed now.

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Hi I received this:
Dear Applicant,

We have “Received” your Application however we are unable to proceed with the application due to the following reasons:

  1. Documents in support of the Change of Name : Signed consent letter to print the applicant’s given name without combining - Pranay kumar
  2. I-797 : Notarized I-20

What should you do next?

Incomplete Applications: Please send the above listed missing documents along with a printout of this email within 20 calendar days to VFS Global India Consular Application Centre (ICAC). Mailing Address can be found here:

I have not requested any name change and 2 i already sent an I-797-A with notarization on a separate page

Check with them on #1 if you haven’t applied for name change. Also, double check if you have done any split in the name on the application.

#2. It’s mentioned in checklist to send color notarized copy. You had sent B&W. So send color notarized copy of I797.

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Hi, they have requested one additional document.
1. Additional documents: Mother’s name has to be the same as her passport - provide signed consent letter to add “XYZ” to her name required.
Is there any document to be printed and signed or can I do hand written letter? What is the format for this signed consent letter? Thanks in advance!