Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed


Today I received this message from USCIS for my wife’s COS,

Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed

On June 14, 2021, we began reviewing your Form I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status, Receipt Number ‘*****’. We mailed you a notice informing you of the action we intend to take on your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit any requested materials. If you do not receive your notice by June 30, 2021, contact the USCIS Contact Center at If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

Can anyone pls explain what this means? Most of the information I received for an H1-B visa. Cannot able to find anything related to H4.

  1. Mostly I saw comments mentioning RFE or NOID?
  2. If it is decline won’t they say directly?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sri,
My wife also got same email today. Do you know what you got in letter from USCIS ?

Hi @peeyushgpt

Mostly NOID, (If your wife failed to maintain her status). Sometime Approval(1%).
Pray for good. If NOID, please approach a good attorney.
You know better about your case, If you think you failed to maintain the status, Please act ASAP.


Just want to know did your wife got h4 approval?
I got the same message as you have got.

Kindly let me know

Aparna Mahajik

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Do you mean you got the NOID? Ours is still in progress.
The scenario is different for each. Not sure what’s your case… If NOID please hire a good attorney.
Let me know If you need further details.

I dont know what was written in the notice ( whether it was RFE or NOID) but now my status shows case is reopened, I did not do anything. they Just reopened it. I am waiting for the notices.