NSW 190 Pre-invite received - deleted 3 months work experience without point change

Hi Anil,
I have following query regarding 190 pre-invite query.
In the application following were my experience in NSW
04/12/2017 - 03/03/2018 - 3 months on 400 short-term work VISA
09/01/2019 - till date - 12+ months on 482 work VISA

On 10th October 2019 I completed 12 months( 3 months on 400 VISA + 9 months on 482) in NSW. I updated application accordingly. So on 10th October i had 85 (80 +5) points. 85 points were effective from 10th October 2019.

On Jan 15th Jan 2020, I removed 3 months experience from application because for 3 months i was paid in India and allowance was given in Australia. After deletion of 3 months experience in the application, effective points remained same i.e 85. ( from 09/01/2019 to 09/01/2020, i completed 1 year so application is showing effective points from date 10th October 2019. I was expecting effective date will change to 10th Jan 2020, but it didnt happen)

Will CO check from when I completed 1 year? Deleting 3 months experience will it problem?

I got pre-invite for 190 NSW. Should i accept the invitation ? Please suggest.


When did you receive pre-invite? Before you deleted your 3 months experience or after?

It should not make any difference if the total points remained same.

What job code is it?

Thanks Anil for the reply. Job Code is 261312. I deleted the experience before pre-invite. I deleted the experience on 10 th Jan 2010 and got invitation 24th Jan 2020.
My only concern was about effective dates for the claimed points.

Date of effect does not change if points do not change.

Following is how points and date of effect is was calculated for me
Onsite experience
04/12/2017 - 03/03/2018
09/01/2019 - 10/10/2019
Points were 85 and date of effect was 10 October 2019.

On 15th Jan 2020, i deleted 04/12/2017 - 03/03/2018 ( 3 months) experience. So my onsite became as follows
09/01/2019 - 15/01/2020
However points remained same i.e 85 but date of effect was still showing 10 October 2019. I was expecting date of effect will change to 15 Jan 2020.

Now i got pre-invite on 24th Jan 2020. My concern is Date of effect is still showing 10 October 2019, will that be a problem if i accept the invitation. If CO asks how come my points became 85 on 10th October 2019, then i don’t have proofs.
Should i explain my case to migration officer?
I am in totally dilemma

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As i said, the date of effect does not change if points do not change.

Your EOI at the time of invite is what will be looked at. You only need to prove the situation that existed at the time of invite.

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Can you please share how many points you have after Nov points change? Were you with 90 points for 190 ? The reason I am asking is I am also awaiting for my turn with 80 points for 190 from July 2019. Really appreciate your response.


No points change for me after November. I was having only 80 points

Thanks Anil for the reply. Still I have doubts.
In EOI, Date of effect is 13 Oct 2019 for 85 points. In 13 October 2019, i did not have 85 points.
On 10 Jan 2020, my total points became 85. I got NSW pre-invite on 24th Jan 2020. Should i accept the pre-invite or not?

Hi @dundu11

How is that possible? In your first post, you have mentioned that you had 85 points on 10 Oct 2019.

Again, it is not possible that your points changed from 80 to 85 (as you are saying now) and date of effect did not change. Are you missing something?

Hi Anil

I have a doubt with respect to DOE. My agent updated my EOI on 21 Nov 2019 after nov changes. Before that I have 75 and 80 for 189 and 190 from 24 July 2019 for 261312. However after he updated on 21 Nov , my DOE has not changed in EOI but points are showing as 80 and 85 where as DOE is still 24- July 2019. Today when I questioned him about my DOE he tried to update again and now it changed with DOE as 29th Jan which pushed me back In the queue. How can I rectify this ? Not really sure what is happening.Ideally I should have 80 and 85 from nov 21 2019 itself . I am really worried whether I will get invite or not. I am currently in Nsw and completed 2 yrs here. Please suggest.
How I can take action on my agent or whether this can be rectified.

Really appreciate your help.


Hi @mukkram_sam

Date of effect changes only when points change. I can’t say what your agent did in November.

Thank you for the reply Anil.

Hello Anil,

Is there any realistic chance with 85 for Nsw with DOE as Jan 29th 2020. I will get my points reduced from July 1st 2020 due to age.