Number of PDFs for ACS after payslips and bank statements

You should try and reduce the file size.

Do not mix Employment documents with each other.

I am unable to reduce file size any further. I know employment records should not be mixed. I have a pdf of all Form16s and ITRs till date, so I think I can upload this in employment-2 section since there is space there…

for employment-1 - I have bank statements, provident fund statement and only last 6 months payslips as payment evidence.

Hello Anil,

I have filed my ACS-RPL for review. The guidelines mention that minimum 2 forms of payment evidence are mandatory for any employment.
My work experience [2013-2020]
For my 2 employments,

E1 - I have enclosed my payslips and bank statements [2013-2020]
E2 - I have enclosed my payslips but the bank statements which I uploaded in E1 cannot be uploaded in E2 even if I rename it, but I have mentioned to the ACS support by email that the bank statement is applicable for both E1 and E2.

So, this should not be a problem right? - They should be able to make out.

I cannot say if they will be able to make out or not. It depends on the ACS officer. Normally, they do look at each document in detail.

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thanks for your message. After filing review, I immediately mailed them my tax records pdf which could not be uploaded due to space issue and they replied back saying that they have attached it. Right now its with assessor. Lets see

hello Anil,

My assessment letter came out and it’s assessed as ‘suitable’. Thanks for all your support and advise.

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@Anil.Gupta: Is it acceptable to highlight relevant information in PDFs (e.g salary credit information) or will that impact the credibility of the document?
Also, my bank statement is 20 pages long. Can I only include pages that show the salary being credited for start and end of each year of employment?

It is better to keep the documents in the format and with details that they have been issued.

You can highlight if you want.

Hello Anil,

Needed some clarification on 3 points:

  1. For payslips when they say “payslips must cover the beginning and end for each year of employment being claimed in the application” - so for e.g. I joined in the month of Aug-2010 do I need to provide payslips for Aug-2010 and July-2011, Aug-2011 and July-2012, Aug-2012 and July-13 - like that for all the 15 years of my work experience?

  2. For Bank Statements showing salary payments from Co. - do I need to send my entire Bank Statement for the last 15+ years??!! Or can I take snapshots of only the salary entries from the statement and show a snapshot of the Bank Statement header having my name on it?

  3. Can I include the scans of all my IT certifications in one single pdf file or do I need to make separate file for each?

@Anil.Gupta Hi Anil, please help clarify as I did not get answers to my Qs1 and Qs3 here.

Hi @quiksylver789

You can get first year payslip for aug 2010, then dec 2010 and then Jan 2011, Dec 2011 and so on.

Ceritifications can be scanned in one file.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

I showed Aug 2010 and July 2011 payslips, Aug 2011 and July 2012 payslips - like that to indicate completion of 1 year in the company. Will it be a problem :(?

@Aditya_Challa Bro can you please confirm does your bank statement show company name on the salary credit transaction? I dont have company name in my bank statement but the amount credited in my bank statement matches with my pay slip amount, wouldn’t that enough for proof?

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Hello Sunny, thanks for your message.

for ACS-RPL, at least 2 types of payment evidence needs to be furnished. You can furnish at least 2 from the following list:

  1. payslips
  2. PF deduction statement from EPFO
  3. bank statement
  4. ITR acknowledgements

if your bank statement doesn’t show the company name, it might be a risk as the guidelines clearly states:

“Bank statements showing salary payments from employer (citing applicants name and name of employer).
Please note: Failure to provide acceptable evidence of paid employment may result in an unsuitable assessment. Cash payments will not be accepted as sufficient evidence of paid employment.”

In my case, my bank statement had the company name.

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I have already gone through the list of evidences summarized on the article it was helpful. Please could you also clarify my below queries:

  1. How many bank statements are needed? Should it suffice if we just provide one statement from starting of the year (example Jan) and then end of the year (example Dec) for every year of employment?

  2. From a bank in India, question is will their system generated pdf statement suffice - it doesnot have any signatures? I am facing challenge that I am outside India and they advise to visit bank if we need signed statement from bank and I need from years 2006 onwards that are not available within my personal log in. Has anyone worked with any good options on this, especially if with ICICI bank.

Hi @Sana

Bank statement should have some kind of bank stamp to make it look genuine.

Thank you Anil. Please could you also provide a response on whether bank statements of starting (Jan) and ending (Dec) per year will be ok, or do we need to get covering entire year?

I have uploaded 9 years of bank statements and EPF statements for the same company(I have been working with the same company from the starting)
But now I’m not able to attach resume/employment reference letter/Form 26AS,
So I also want to mail them
On which ID you have mailed @Aditya_Challa ?
Would you please help

Thankyou so much for your quick response :blush: