Number of PDFs for ACS after payslips and bank statements

One more querry, for ITR Doc there must be a separate pdf file ?
right now I have these pdfs:

  1. degree and mark sheets (after merging into single pdf, files renamed by default to 1,2,3…and so on, I am unable to rename them semester wise. is it fine?)
  2. M.E degree and mark sheets
  3. 1st company experience letter
  4. 2nd company experience letter
  5. Passport
  6. Resume
  7. Bank Statement 1st company
  8. Bank Statement 2nd company
    if I create separate pdf for ITR then it will become 9 pdfs, and only 8 are allowed per assessment fees.

Do I need to highlight the the salary credit for each month for better readability?

You can club the bank statement and payslips with the company’s work experience letter to reduce number of PDFs.

It is better to highlight the salary credit for easy identification. The easier you make it for reading, the faster the ACS officer will be able to finalize your report.

thanks for the response.

I only have bank statements that I have downloaded online, but don’t have salary slips, is it mandatory and if it is then for each month till 2 years I need to submit?

Is it okay to compress PDF files using online tool in order to maintain the size of 3MB per PDF…?

How many PDF that I can upload to ACS is there any limitation.?

Hi @era_fdo_1

You can use online tool (Adobe Scan is a good app) to compress PDF size.

You can upload 8 files in one application.

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Do we need to scan and send both side of some certificates and documents.? or Front page is enough…?

Hi @era_fdo_1

It would be great if you can collect all questions and ask in one post. This will save both your and our time.

You should scan both front and back of each document (if back side has some printed content - don’t scan if it is blank).

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Hi Anil, Will payment Evidence be part of Employment Letter attachment or a separate attachment under Employment? My PDF file is exceeding 3 MB size mentioned in the guidelines. Please suggest.

Yes, attach payment proof to each employment letter.

But then, it is exceeding limit of 3 MB, as there will be good number of pages for Form 16 and Bank Statements for each year for 6 years of single employment. Can I upload file greater than 3 MB in that case?

If the ACS system allows you to upload larger than 3 MB, you can upload.

I doubt that they will allow.